Scott Swantner

Director for Global Security
Western Union Digital

SCOTT SWANTNER is Director for Global Security at Western Union Digital Ventures. Scott provides expertise and leadership to internal management partners in the areas of fraud prevention and technology risk to money movement systems. He also coordinates with local, state and federal law enforcement entities in a liaison role and assists in investigations involving fraudulent use of electronic remote money movement channels.  Swantner creates and develops cyber intelligence gathering initiatives to prevent organized on-line criminal elements from targeting Western Union. Scott also advises and assists in overseeing physical security measures for Western Union working spaces. Prior to that, Mr. Swantner coordinated the San Francisco Field Office Electronic Crimes Task Force and had been assigned to the San Francisco Field Office's Electronic Crimes Squad, Bay Area Identity Theft Strike Force and the Counterfeit Currency Squad of the U.S. Secret Service for seven years. As a Secret Service Special Agent, he has conducted numerous investigations to include data breaches related to fraud, identity theft, access device fraud, check fraud, wire fraud and counterfeit currency. The Electronic Crimes Task Force is a 1000 plus member strong partnership between government, private industry and academia to combat electronic crime and help secure our nations critical infrastructure. Swantner was also a certified computer and mobile device forensic examiner trained by the U.S. Department of Treasury. He was trained to conduct audits and technical assessments of networked critical infrastructure and utilities to support Secret Service protective visits, events and venues through its Critical System Protection Program. Prior to joining the Secret Service, Special Agent Swantner was a U.S. Marine Officer for eight years.