Tim Rocho

Set for Life Financial, LLC.

TIM ROCHO is the Founder of Set for Life Financial, llc in Chandler Arizona. Mr. Rocho is an entrepreneur and executive with a successful diverse background in banking, insurance and securities that spans more than 20 years. He is committed to financial capability and formed Set for Life to build a cloud based platform that combines education, engagement, money management tools and prepaid accounts for individuals and families. Mr. Rocho capitalized SFL under SEC Reg 506(d), secured contracts with sponsor banks, processors and forged a brand relationship with MasterCard to launch the SFL prepaid products. He also authored the SFL AML/BSA Policies and Procedures as Compliance Officer. For the past three years, SFL built custom programs for large Labor Organizations and was recently awarded the Pay Awards Prepaid Rising Star Award for that work. Today, Mr. Rocho is heavily engaged in promoting Blockchain technology for KYC, smart contracts, cryptocurrency and other applications.