Pre-Conference Boot Camp – The Technologies Fueling Emerging Payment Systems: Practical, Legal, and Regulatory Considerations for Attorneys and Compliance Professionals Relating to Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallets, Digital/Virtual Currencies, Blockchains, EMV Cards and More

Sep 15, 2016 7:10am – 8:20am

Allyson B. Baker
Venable LLP Former Enforcement Attorney at the CFPB

Linda C. Odom
Bryan Cave

In order to provide accurate and effective advice to your company or clients, it is essential that you have an in-depth understanding of the technologies underlying new and emerging payment systems. This interactive Boot Camp will provide attendees with a firm grip on the technologies that are used in a wide range of innovative payment systems, and how the underlying technology impacts legal and compliance considerations.   Topics to be addressed include:
  • New technologies applied to traditional payment systems
  • Analyzing the technology used in each step of various emerging payment processes and systems
  • Virtual/digital currencies, including bitcoin
  • Blockchains – what are they and how might they transform the payments industry, beyond crypto currencies
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • Internet-based payments
  • Mobile apps, payment and wallets: Apple Pay
  • EMV and tokenization: Cardholder validation methods; Underlying technology; Lack of standardization
  • How funds are transferred
  • Understanding the new and emerging data security technologies
  • The range of information captured by emerging payment systems and devices and where this information is stored
  • Structuring new products and product enhancements in ways that are intuitive and easy for customers to use but that also ensure regulatory compliance and data security
  • Which regulatory bodies govern this space: FinCEN; CFPB; OFAC; FDIC; CFTC; FTC; FCC; state agencies (which states are the most active?)
  • Regulatory considerations: Reg E and Reg Z protections; AML compliance; fraud prevention standards; cybersecurity and data privacy issues; UDAAP disclosures; other disclosures
  • Examining the regulatory gaps and clarifying areas of uncertainty in relation to new technologies