Leading in-house counsel and top law firms will help you avoid poor & inconsistent drafting, design, implementation, and administration of employee benefit plans

Employee benefit plans and the laws that govern them are inherently complex and constantly evolving, and the front-end compliance aspects of employee benefits have never been as scrutinized as they are now. In response, American Conference Institute, the creator of the renowned forum on ERISA Litigation, now brings you its compliance counterpart: EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLANS.

This conference will help in-house for plan fiduciaries, sponsors, administrators, advisors and insurers and outside counsel for the same keep the language in plans up to code to avoid the millions of dollars needed to settle major class actions that can’t be won in court because of non-compliant plan documents.

Whether working for employers, benefit plans, trustees, fiduciaries, administrators, insurers, or advisors, our faculty of leading in-house counsel and top law firms will break down the latest concerns impacting employee benefit plans and illustrate the steps you can take to remain compliant. This conference will provide even the most seasoned employee benefit lawyers with clarity and certainty with respect to today’s key risk minimization issues.

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