Agenda At-A-Glance

Day One, Thursday, July 28, 2016

7:15 Registration and Continental Breakfast 7:55 Chairs’ Welcome 8:00 Keynote Address: EEOC Initiatives for the Second Half of 2016 and Beyond 8:30 Views From the Bench on Employment Discrimination Litigation: What Works and Doesn’t Work in Jury Instructions, Voir Dire and Opening/Closing Statements; Examples of Poor Witness Selection, Inability to Connect with a Jury, Good vs. Bad Lawyering; and More 9:45 Break 9:50 Spotlight on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Discrimination: The Latest Trends in Litigation and Practical Guidance for Employers of LGBT Employees 10:35 Pay Equity and Compensation Discrimination: Staying Ahead of the Curve on this Hot Button Issue, Tips for Ensuring Equal Pay Compliance and Strategies for Defending Litigation 11:35 Networking Lunch for Speakers & Delegates 12:30 Recent Heightened Focus on Pregnancy Discrimination and Pregnancy Accommodations, and Avoiding & Defending Claims of Family Responsibilities Discrimination 1:30 Age Discrimination in the Workplace: Practical Solutions for Overcoming the Most Common Challenges and Strategies for Managing & Defending Against the Latest Claims 2:30 Break 2:35 Economic Damages and Statistical Issues in Employment Discrimination Cases 3:35 Avoiding Discrimination in Company Recruitment and Hiring Practices: The Latest on “Ban the Box,” Employee Background Checks, Online Job Applications and Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Social Media Tools in Your Hiring Process 4:35 Views from the Plaintiffs’ Bar: Adapting Your Strategies to New and Innovative Techniques and Tactic 5:40 Litigating and Defending Retaliation Claims: Overcoming the Complex Challenges of These Claims and Pitfalls to Avoid 6:30 Conference Adjourns to Day Two

Day Two, Friday, July 29, 2016

7:20 Continental Breakfast 8:00 In-House Think Tank: Hear from In-House Counsel on New and Emerging Areas of Risk in the Employment Discrimination Landscape, How They Manage Their Company’s Expectations with Respect to Discrimination Suits, Strategies for Responding to Enhanced Enforcement Initiatives and Ramped Up EEOC Litigation Efforts, How They Manage Executive Witnesses, Examples of Law Firms Succeeding and Falling Short, and Beyond
  • PANEL 1 (8:00 – 9:10)
  • PANEL 2 (9:10 – 10:20)
10:20 Break 10:25 Insurance Roundtable: Views from the Insurance Brokers, Carriers, and Claims Professionals on Recent Trends Affecting EPLI Coverage in the Discrimination Context 12:00 Joint Employer Liability in the Employment Discrimination Context: Crucial Considerations for Franchisors/Franchisees Given the Expanding Scope of Joint Employment, and Defeating Joint Employment Allegations Early in an Employment Discrimination Claim 1:00 Disability and Leaves of Absence: The Latest on Who Qualifies as Disabled, “Non-Traditional” Disabilities and Mental Health Claims, What Accommodations Qualify as Reasonable, and a Tactical Tool-Kit for Defending Against ADA & FMLA Claims 2:00 Conference Ends