Jessica Roe

Roe Law Group PLLC

JESSICA ROE is partner at Roe Law Group. Ms. Roe’s practice focuses on employment advice, employment and commercial litigation and labor law. In the employment arena, she provides strategic advice regarding the establishment of employment policies and procedures and counsels clients on the creation, maintenance and termination of employment relationships, investigations and managing all aspects of the employment relationship. When the employment relationship must end, she assists clients in understanding their obligations with respect to issues such as severance, state and federal employment statutes, and non-competition agreements. If matters cannot be resolved, she is highly experienced in representing clients in federal or state courts across the country on employment and complex civil and commercial disputes. In the labor arena, Ms. Roe has represented companies with the NLRB, labor disputes, arbitrations and contract negotiations. Ms. Roe is a Minnesota State Bar Association Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist. She also is a certified mediator and arbitrator for resolutions outside the court system. Ms. Roe speaks extensively on employment law and litigation topics and leads multiple seminars each year.