There is no shortage of liability issues hanging over employers these days as the uncertainty of the Trump administration continues. ACI’s 26th National Conference on EPLI is stacked with top speakers from all over the nation to ensure you are prepared to manage and defend against the increasing number of EPLI claims being filed amidst the changing tides in the EPL landscape.   The program has been revamped and updated to include enhanced industry perspectives and account for new developments, strategies and industry trends. Claims professionals, underwriters, risk managers, in-house counsel and outside counsel must thoroughly understand the ever changing EPLI market with new coverage options, ways to reduce costs of defending against and settling EPLI claims, and how to minimize exposure to risk.  



Featured Speakers


EEOC Priorities and Compliance Initiatives for 2018

Victoria A. Lipnic Acting Chair EEOC

NLRB Update: How the Current Board is Reconsidering Today’s Significant Workplace Issues

Phillip A. Miscimarra
Marvin E. Kaplan
Board Member



Who You Will Meet

    In-House EPL Professionals, including:

    • Underwriters
    • Claims Counsel
    • Employment Counsel
    • Brokers
    • Product Managers
    • Risk Managers
    • Human Resources Managers

Private Practice Attorneys Specializing in:

  • Labor and Employment
  • Insurance
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Class Actions

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