Tom Hams, Esq.

EPLI National Practice Leader, Managing Director
Aon Financial Services Group

Q&A with Our Esteemed Co-Chair


What are the biggest risk factors in EPLI today?


TH:  The biggest risk factor in EPLI today is the increase in new state specific laws that are pushing the envelope of employee protection.  There is a growing patch work of new state laws on issues like pay equity (both gender specific and all protected classes), biometric protection acts, joint employer issues and sexual harassment that are making it increasing difficult for employers to remain compliant across multiple jurisdictions.


What were the reasons behind your decision to co-chair ACI’s EPLI conference?


TH:  Having attended and spoken at ACI for more years than I care to share, I was honored to have the opportunity to co-chair the event.  ACI consistently puts together an event full of topical panels with experts from the legal, underwriting and brokerage communities that often allow the panelists and the audience to learn about issues they would not typically hear about if they simply stayed in their own “swim lane” of professional conferences.  Getting to finally co-chair one of these event makes it even more special


What do you hope we can accomplish at ACI’s EPLI conference?


TH:  Learning and networking are the key things that the ACI EPLI conference always achieves, and I expect this one to be no different.  I also think it couldn’t be more timely in light of the rapidly changing EPLI insurance market and the equally tumultuous  employment law landscape.  So I’m hoping we can all get together and continue to try to make our respective clients better through learning and finding new ways help our client avoid risk in the employment arena.