Devising an Effective and Comprehensive Litigation Management Plan for Practitioners in the ERISA Arena

Nov 14, 2018 3:00pm - 5:00pm



Nicole Y. Blohm
Meserve, Mumper & Hughes LLP (Los Angeles, CA)

Wendy Katherine Von Wald, Esq.
Fiduciary Product Manager Bond and Specialty Insurance
Travelers (Greenwood Village, CO)

What is it about?

In the ERISA litigation universe, the time, money, and scope of litigation can take a big toll on both sides of the coin. Plaintiffs and defendants have to agree on certain aspects including venue, clauses, and other aspects to further the litigation in a timely manner. In this interactive workshop, speakers will guide you through the “ins and outs” of designing an effective and comprehensive litigation management plan. You will come away with the expertise to advise your company or client the financial investment they will recoup by planning ahead and avoiding obstacles that can lengthen the litigation timeline. Avoid wasting millions on litigation costs and be well-prepared by planning in advance of the courtroom battle.

Points of discussion include:

  • Designing a better management plan for litigation and specifically for ERISA:
    • Venue selection clauses
    • Defining contractual limitation periods
    • Arbitration clauses
  • Using examples from “redacted” clauses proven to be successful in ERISA litigation
  • Providing a checklist of the “do’s and don’ts” of the litigation management plan
    • Clarifying what worked and did not work in litigation management plans — lessons learned and strategies and advice going forward
    • Creating a hypothetical litigation management plan for different types of ERISA litigation: excessive fees, breach of fiduciary duty, class action litigation, standing, and ESOP
  • Assessing how different jurisdictions are handling litigation management plans