ACI is excited to announce the highly anticipated National Summit on ESG! With unprecedented risks and compelling opportunities, you cannot afford to miss the country’s foremost gathering of ESG professionals, regulators, investors and leading advisors.

Keynote Speaker

Dabney O’Riordan

Co-Chief, Asset Management Unit, Division of Enforcement
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Featured Speakers

Shila Wattamwar

Global Head of Retail and Wealth ESG Strategy and Strategic Partnerships, Morningstar; and Executive Director


Nancy Reynolds

Chief Ethics Officer, Managing Associate General Counsel, Legal Operations and ESG
Western Union


Chris Gray

Head of ESG


Sarah Altschuller

Business & Human Rights Counsel


Troy Dennis

SVP, Head of Product, Fintech, Financial Inclusion & ESG for North America


Tania Ferlin

Global Head of ESG


Greg Spotts

Chief Sustainability Officer
City of Los Angeles

Complimentary Webinar!

Best Practices for Operationalizing ESG Principles to Unlock Long-Term Business Value

In the midst of increased investor and stakeholder pressure, a global pandemic, and heightened attention to environmentalism, human capital management, and other critical social issues, boards and executive management teams are under immense pressure to communicate progress on ESG issues. Yet inconsistent frameworks and standards often create confusion.

Which metrics are the best suited to a specific industry? Which ESG metrics do investors most care about? Where should the board begin?

Join our faculty of experts, who will discuss best practices for operationalizing ESG principles across the organization. We will address topics including:

  • Aligning internal processes with ESG goals to ensure organizational consistency
  • Integrating ESG into a long-term growth strategy and unlocking long-term value through ESG initiatives
  • Identifying and standardizing key metrics critical to tracking ESG principles
  • Creating an effective ESG strategy that addresses the most critical ESG program needs

Register for Free!

An Event That Stands Apart: While most ESG and impact investment events only scratch the surface, this program will truly delve into actionable strategies for a best-in-class ESG program and investment risk management.

An Event Worth Your Time: Your time is valuable-and this event will deliver! Spend your time comparing notes with the right people. Benchmark with proven leaders, connect with key stakeholders and stay in the loop on new, anticipated regulatory changes affecting your ESG strategy.

An Event with You in Mind: No generic, watered-down presentations. The interactive sessions will focus on the very high stakes issues coming across your desk.

An Event with the People You Want to Meet: Meet influential ESG and investment executives with proven track records of success. Connect in 1:1, large and smaller-group networking opportunities

Who Should Attend
  • Chief Sustainability Officers / Heads of Sustainability
  • Head of ESG / ESG Initiatives – Head / VP / Director / Officer / Analyst-Environmental, Social and Governance / ESG / ESG Investment / ESG Impact / ESG Strategy / ESG Reporting
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • VPs of Investor Relations / VP-Director / Head-Corporate Responsibility (Social Responsibility) / Impact Investing
  • Chief Compliance Officer / Director, VPs of Compliance
  • In-house Counsel / General Counsel
  • Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officers (not solely HR-focused)
  • Managing Director / Partner / Manager-Consulting Firms with ESG practice groups
  • ESG Consultants / ESG Solutions
  • Chief Compliance Officers / Heads of Corporate Governance / Heads of Global Citizenship
  • Head of Responsible Investing
  • Head of Social Impact

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