Advancing Gender Equity through ESG Imperatives

October 12, 2023 3:15pm

Akanksha Halbe
Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility & ESG

Alyse Mauro Mason
Associate Director, ESG

During this panel, we will address the myriad ways that integrating gender equity into ESG imperatives can be a powerful catalyst for advancing social progress. We will explore best pathways to embracing diverse perspectives, ensuring equal opportunities, and fostering inclusive cultures, so that the business can create a more equitable and sustainable future. Speaking points will include:

  • Promoting equal representation and creating an inclusive environment to ensure that women have equal opportunities for career advancement and leadership positions
  • Addressing gender pay gaps and ensuring that women receive equal benefits, such as paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements, etc
  • Implementing policies that allow for flexible working hours, remote work options, and family-friendly benefits to create an environment that supports women’s career progression and reduces the burden of work-life conflicts
  • Promoting gender equity by partnering with suppliers that uphold fair labor practices, including gender equality and women’s empowerment throughout their value chains
  • Ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered while promoting a culture of accountability and transparency