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Savaria B. Harris

Senior Counsel, Regulatory Law
Johnson & Johnson

Paul Kaufman

Vice President, Office of Legal Affairs
Northwell Health

There is a sustained and aggressive use of the False Claims Act by the government and Qui Tam relators alike in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Sectors.

Although they are companion industries, life sciences and healthcare often operate in individual silos. However, these industries are now bonding over being trapped in the cross hairs of FCA activity. Stakeholders for each industry now often work hand in glove. The unwritten lessons that each industry can learn from the other can foster collaboration and a commitment to compliance.

By all accounts, the trend for government initiated FCA actions is continuing to climb, leaving the life sciences and healthcare industries pondering:

  • Will the FCA enforcement increase under the Biden Administration?
  • What can we expect for Fiscal ’21?
  • Where will government enforcement priorities lie?
  • What can you do now to prepare for the next wave of FCA enforcement?

This dual industry-tailored summit will address the underlying controversies and challenges posed by the latest FCA activity. The forum will feature key stakeholders from the life sciences and healthcare communities, including senior government officials, industry executives and leading private practitioners for a meeting of the minds between the life sciences and healthcare.

Join us for in-depth discussion and analyses of the latest guidance, initiatives, and enforcement statistics impacting the life sciences and healthcare industries as we analyze what each group can learn from the other.

  • BENEFIT from the insights of the ‘who’s who’ of the FCA community
  • DEVELOP compliance strategies to reduce risk and avoid penalties
  • ANALYZE the latest rulings, settlements and developments impacting the life sciences and healthcare industries
  • LEARN firsthand from senior government officials on how they evaluate cases
Featuring a Special Pandemic Recovery Update with

Brian D. Miller

Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery (SIGPR)
U.S. Department of The Treasury

Sean R. Keveney

Deputy General Counsel
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Sean O’Donnell

Acting Inspector General
U.S. Department of Defense

Hear Why the SIGPR is Looking Forward to ACI’s FCA Conference This Fall

Hear Directly from Government Enforcers

A. Brendan Stewart

Assistant Chief
Fraud Section, Criminal Division

U.S. Department of Justice

Joseph A. Marutollo

Assistant United States Attorney
Acting Chief, Civil Division
United States Attorney’s Office

Eastern District of New York

Rachael A. Honig

Acting U.S. Attorney
District of New Jersey

Jolie Apicella

Chief, Civil Health Care Fraud
United States Attorney’s Office

Eastern District of New York

Charlene Keller Fullmer

Deputy Civil Affirmative Chief
U.S. Attorney’s Office

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Jacob M. Bergman

Deputy Chief, Civil Frauds Unit
United States Attorney’s Office

Southern District of New York

Lisa D. Kutlin

Assistant U.S. Attorney
Eastern District of New York

Matthew Feeley

Assistant United States Attorney
Southern District of Florida


Accreditation will be sought in those jurisdictions requested by the registrants which have continuing education requirements. This course is identified as nontransitional for the purposes of CLE accreditation. Learn More

Who Should Attend
  • General Counsel
  • Chief Legal Counsel
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Assistant General Counsel
  • In-House Counsel
  • Litigators
  • Outside Counsel specializing in:
    • False Claims Act
    • Fraud and Abuse
    • Litigation
    • Corporate Compliance
    • White Collar Crime
    • Healthcare
    • Life Sciences

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