Law firms, lobby shops, PR, Media, Tech and SEO Firms –and individual lawyers and advisors– are confronting unprecedented FARA prosecution risks.

DOJ Steps Up ‘Foreign Agent’ Scrutiny with Demands Raising Specter of Court Action


New FARA Opinions Show Justice Department’s Broad Interpretation of Law


The U.S. Department of Justice has confirmed that FARA enforcement remains one of its key priorities. Attend this critically important event as you and your clients weather a rapidly evolving landscape.

Join government officials and leading practitioners for practical discussion of complex, high stakes issues, including:

  • The New FARA Crosshairs-and Limits on Exemptions: Key Takeaways on Individuals, Entities and “Non-Traditional Groups” Under the Microscope
    • Attorneys and the “Lawyer Exemption”
    • Lobbyists and the LDA Exemption
    • PR, Media, Tech and SEO Firms
    • Corporations, Executives, Non-Profits, Think Tanks and “The Commercial Exemption”
  • FARA Compliance Program Pitfalls: How Much Due Diligence is Enough to “Know Your Client”
  • Practitioner “War Stories”: Practical Unwritten Rules, Tough Decision-Making and Emerging Case Management Challenges