The New Reality of FARA Enforcement for Lawyers, Lobbyists, Consultants and PR Firms: What DOJ’s New Priorities Mean for Your Risk Calculus and Exposure

September 25, 2019 2:15pm

Brian J. Fleming
Miller & Chevalier Chartered

Richard S. Levick
Chairman & CEO

Paul A. Miller
National Institute For Lobbying & Ethics

  • Increasing risk exposure: What does the new environment mean for lawyers, lobbyists, consultants and PR firms?
  • Addressing the significant change in the way FARA has recently been enforced
  • Perspectives on the DOJ’s stance that a non-complying agent get into compliance amid DOJ’s continued investigation into whether or not that non-compliance has been willful
    • Do these enforcement actions indicate where FARA enforcement and Congress may be headed?
  • Practical implications of the recent restructuring of the DOJ’s FARA unit
  • The most common defenses to a FARA enforcement action and their effectiveness