Data Acquisition – Accessing and Capturing Clean, High-Value Data Across Contrasting Systems and Multiple Data Sources

November 29, 2022 10:15am

Gurkan Ay
Resolution Economics

Jeannine Lemker
Senior Global Ethics & Compliance Director
Major, Lindsay & Africa

Andrew McBride
Chief Compliance Officer
Albemarle Corporation

After mapping your risk profile, the next step is to ensure that you are acquiring internal and external data from reliable sources. During this session our speakers will review real-world examples of data output reports; discuss how to assess the data; and, determine if the program is capturing the right data.

Key Topics:

  • Defining high-value data and progressively accessing it – to avoid accessing everything all at once
  • Collecting data across multiple different systems and assessing what data is important; what data is being captured; and what data is not being captured accurately
  • Identifying data sources and deciding how to aggregate the data to ensure good input and output
  • Evaluating the internal and third-party data analytics tools that are available, and deciding which data feeds your organization can leverage
  • Cleaning the Data by utilizing a continuous feedback loop to eliminate false positives