Forensic Risk Alliance

Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA) is a global market leader working with clients to identify, analyse, and mitigate the risks associated with international regulatory compliance obligations, litigation, internal and external multi-jurisdictional investigations. Unlike traditional accounting firms, we operate purely in the forensic space and generally have no conflicts. Our highly skilled and sophisticated team comprises forensic accountants, former investment bankers, financial and data analysts, legal and litigation support professionals, database architects, electronic discovery and collection experts, software engineers, and certified computer examiners. This includes individuals who have worked for the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), US Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC), and US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). As internationally recognized specialists in multi-jurisdictional investigations, we bring a high level of confidence to clients by providing clear, robust, and candid advice that is trusted by clients, regulators, courts, and enforcement agencies and have extensive cross-sector and cross-border experience and scalability anywhere in the world.