Virtual Chief Compliance Officer Roundtable

Dec 1, 2020 8:30am – 6:00pm

This unique “boardroom-style” forum will provide exclusive, smaller-group networking and benchmarking on a broad range of global compliance challenges, including enterprise risk management, anti-corruption, behavioral compliance, corporate governance, cyber security, insider threats and risk assessments.

Roundtable Chair

Carl Hahn

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Northrop Grumman

Welcome Message from our CCO Roundtable Chair

Guest Speaker

Hui Chen

Chief Integrity Adviser
Hawaii Department of the Attorney General

Speaker Faculty

Pete Anderson

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Carnival Corporation

Kurt Drake

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, VP

Bruce Karpati

Global Chief Compliance Officer

Ana Iacovetta

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, VP and Deputy GC

Natalia Shehadeh

Senior Vice President and Chief Integrity Officer

Julia Symon

Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
KBR, Inc.

Virtual Agenda

The Roundtable will kick off with remarks from the Chairs, followed by an opportunity for faculty members and participants to introduce themselves.

Compliance War Stories & Next Steps
“What I Wish I Knew Then That I Know Now”: CCOs Share Their Biggest Compliance Hits and Misses Over the Last 12 Months
  • Stories of what “compliance went through”-and the hits and misses along the way
  • Creating efficiencies: Revisiting internal operations and controls to align with shifting pressures and priorities
  • Leveraging technology to address the “blind spots” revealed by Covid-19
  • Operational challenges-physical mobility; bandwidth for work at home
The CCO as a “Crystal Ball”: Predictions on the Next Wave of Risk Amid Changing Public Health, Geopolitical, Enforcement, Security and Business Landscapes
  • Predicting the future of your risk calculus in the wake of Covid-19: What changes, what remains the same-and how CCOs are making those tough calls
  • Mitigating the risk of fraud, waste and abuse in the use of CARES Act funding
  • The lesser known enforcement risks in the wake of a massive supply chain disruption
  • Interplay of geopolitics, public health and global trade on your risk calculus
  • The finer points of assessing and weighting risk factors
  • Adapting your compliance program to a new reality of risk and cross-border enforcement activity
  • Updating risk management practices as the global economic, legal and compliance landscapes evolve
  • Social distancing and more: Measures being taken to adapt to a new public health reality

Participants can continue to chat over the break, exchange contact details and engage in 1:1 interaction.

Re-Defining Your Organization’s Risk Tolerance: Upgrading ERM in the Wake of Covid-19, the Election-and More

This practical discussion will address the role of the CCO in assessing both compliance and business risks (and opportunities) facing their respective organizations. Participants will take away best practices for aligning their know-how and business sense toward achieving effective strategic planning.

Topics will include:

  • Positioning your organization to adapt nimbly and effectively to new challenges
  • ERM lessons learned in light of Covid-19, including:
    • Emergency prevention
    • Weathering economic ramifications, including changes in consumer/customer behavior
Reporting to the Board in Good Times…and In Bad

With heightened liability risks confronting boards of directors and new risks of shareholder activism, CCOs have been tasked with adapting to shifting priorities and market conditions.

This session will address the finer points of interfacing with Audit Committees and Boards of Directors amid a changing corporate governance landscape.

New Expectations for Compliance and Crisis Response

  • New trends in Board and Audit Committee priorities, including emergency preparedness, incident response, cybersecurity and employee benefits
  • What boards and audit committees have been expecting from CCOs
  • Positioning yourself as a strategic thinker that can influence the board decision-making

Environmental, Social & Governance as an Investor Priority

Covid-19 has changed the landscape of investor priorities and expectations for corporate governance. During this segment, CCOs will discuss compliance measures that that can support new, increased ESG expectations amid budgetary and business pressures.

Participants can continue to chat over the break, exchange contact details and engage in 1:1 interaction.

What’s Keeping You Up at Night? Behind the Scenes of Complex Nightmare Scenarios-and Their Hidden Compliance Lessons
  • Unexpected GDPR and CCPA compliance dilemmas
  • Interfacing with Corporate and IT to address newfound security risks
  • How companies have successfully dovetailed the compliance, legal, IT and business functions to minimize cyber and privacy risks
  • The evolving role of the CCO in implementing a comprehensive cyber security strategy
  • New lessons from operating with a fully remote workforce
  • The latest tools that have been effective in mitigating cyber and privacy risks
  • Dealing with security vulnerabilities posed by messaging apps
Monitoring Employee Conduct Amid Intensifying Risks and Business Pressures

With new economic and business pressures, don’t miss this important discussion on how to further embed ethics and compliance into your corporate culture.

Key discussion points will include:

  • Practical impact of the pandemic, protests and more significant developments
  • Examples of changes to employee conduct and work habits
  • Leveraging internal controls, policies and processes as tools to manage risk and guide behavior
  • Challenges arising from a remote workforce and return to the on-site workplace
  • The place of ethics and compliance when business pressures are greater than ever
  • How to know if your message is being heard and followed
  • Addressing specific cultural nuances when localizing your training
  • Overcoming training “fatigue”

Participants can continue to chat over the break, exchange contact details and engage in 1:1 interaction.

“Operationalizing” Innovation, and Compliance in Uncertain Times: What It Now Takes to Embed Your Program within the Organization’s Overall Business Strategy

During this closing segment, learn about successes and lessons learned for embedding global regulatory requirements into your processes and procedures. Benefit from first-hand insights and concrete examples of pitfalls to avoid at the implementation stage, and how to leverage data analytics to navigate unpredictable times.

Welcome from the Main Conference Co-Chairs
Virtual Conference Orientation & Anonymous Polling

Don’t miss out on forging new connections and catching up with your existing contacts across the global anti-corruption community.

Unique, interactive opportunities include:

  • 1:1 and Smaller-Group Networking
  • Exhibit Hall Meet-Ups
  • Global Community Reception