Case Study on New Corruption Risks for JVs with a State-Owned Company: Two Pioneer Multinationals Share their Experiences

January 30, 2019 11:45am

Carlos Benjamin Silva Hernandez
Deputy Legal Compliance Officer
PEMEX (Mexico)

Jenny Craymer
Manager, Compliance
BHP Billiton (Houston, TX)

BHP Billiton is the first international company to launch a partnership with state-owned PEMEX in a joint venture after Mexico’s recent landmark energy sector reform, a law that now allows non-Mexican companies to bid for oil & gas production contracts. The panelists will discuss their partnership, pledge by Mexico’s new President for a restructuring of PEMEX and the broader energy landscape.
  • Will Mexico’s new government respect or undo recent changes to the energy reform?
  • How existing contracts (in JV agreements) between PEMEX and its international partners might be impacted by changes to the energy reform
  • Mexico’s strict anti-corruption safeguards, such as for gifts, travel, entertainment & hospitality