The Changing Face of Reporting: How Companies are Evolving their Policies and Procedures to Foster More Cross-Departmental Synergy

January 31, 2019 4:45pm

Ameer Gopalani
Global Ethics & Compliance Director
American Bureau of Shipping, ABS (Houston, TX)

Veena Lakkundi
Vice President and Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
3M (Minneapolis, MN)

Joseph Burke
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Employment Counsel
Quest Software Inc. (Austin, TX)

  • Best practices for handling reporting issues (or launch an internal investigation) in the #MeToo era
  • Managing the increasing overlap of compliance, ESG/CSR matters and adherence to the UN Global Compact
  • Putting in place controls to effectively guard against any form of retaliation
  • Ensuring the compliance department becomes involved with handling an internal complaint from the start
  • Beyond FCPA compliance: Optimizing your global compliance program via free flow data and information across departments (compliance, legal, HR, payroll, sales, etc.)
  • Getting to “yes, but”: Best practices to communicate with the business team about whistleblowing, internal reporting and anti-retaliaton