More Insights into the Monitorship Process Behind the Curtain

January 31, 2019 3:00pm

Laurie Waddy
Head Group Compliance Officer
Bilfinger SE (Germany)

Grant W. Nichols
King & Spalding LLP (Austin, TX)

S. Joy Dowdle
Paul Hastings LLP (Houston, TX)

During this interview, delegates will have the chance to hear about a first-hand experience with a company’s monitorship. Concretely, the panel will address, among other issues:
  • Getting used to a monitor’s visits: How to prepare the company and various in-house departments for questions (HR, AR, procurement/supply chain, business teams, etc.)
  • Each monitor typically has a different compliance philosophy and priorities: How to “satisfy” your monitor
  • Being proactive: How to anticipate what the monitor might ask
  • Monitorships are expensive: How to manage the cost