The Latest and Greatest in Employee Training: Incentivizing Ethical Behavior, Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship to Do the Right Thing

January 30, 2019 1:45pm

James Scroggins
Chief Compliance Officer
MHI Shared Services America, Inc. (Houston, TX)

Bill Gordon
Associate General Counsel
Hercules Offshore, Inc. (Washington, DC)

This special session will focus on the ethical responsibilities of multinationals in the context of recent developments in the United States. Speakers will practically discuss compliance beyond anti-corruption, the importance of good governance and corporate reputation.
  • Fine-tuning training: Ensuring employees in departments with greater exposure to corruption risks receive enhanced training (e.g., commercial/sales team vs. marketing division)
  • Finding the right nuances in messaging to US vs. international employees at all levels
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your training program and subjecting it to regular review
  • How to instill the right culture across departments via an integrity skills competency program
  • Embedding ethical decision-making skills into department heads’ day-to-day conduct
  • Implementing separate training programs for in-house employees and third parties: What are the associated risks of failing to do so?