How to Leverage Innovative Solutions to Detect Compliance Successes and Weak Spots

January 31, 2019 10:45am

Sergio V. Leal
Compliance Officer
Bilfinger North America Inc.

  • Compliance monitoring: Why is it important to measure compliance?
    • Understanding what you can measure and monitor
    • Compliance monitoring in retail
  • You have compliance metrics, now what?
    • Making sure that the data is consistent and you can trust it
    • When you need to stop monitoring and start fixing
    • Evaluating trends, predictive analytics
  • Compliance monitoring and risk assessment
    • Conducting an effective risk assessment starts with data monitoring
    • Allocation of resources to risk
  • How to monitor your anti-corruption program:
    • TPIs: number of TPIs, due diligence cycle, approval and rejection rates, contract execution, audit rights, training, re-certification
    • Business expenses and entertainment: amount, pre-approvals, supporting documentation
    • Donations: what is being donated, approval of donation recipients, reasons for the donation, supporting documentation
    • Financial Controls: 3 lines of defense