Inside Real World Considerations for Third Party Management and “Localizing” Your Compliance Program

Jan 29, 2019 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Bill Gordon
Associate General Counsel
Hercules Offshore, Inc. (Washington, DC)

Ana Pinelas Pinto
Miranda & Associados (Portugal)

(Registration begins at 1:00 pm) This exclusive workshop offers a unique opportunity to discuss the most pertinent anti-corruption developments across the Middle East and Africa. Specifically, the discussion will revolve around the most challenging aspects for multinationals when doing business in the region, with a particular emphasis on third party due diligence and compliance program localization. The workshop facilitators will provide the context for a candid conversation in an informal and highly practical format most conducive to sharing best practices and benchmarking your compliance program, such as:
  • How to conduct risk-based due diligence in the high-risk African and Middle Eastern context
  • Integrating anti-corruption due diligence processes with other business and legal risk diligence procedures
  • How to identify, interpret and handle beneficial ownership relationships, and how to apply best practices to identify the true owners of your business counterparts
  • Localization requirements in Anglophone vs. Francophone Africa and the Middle East: What internal checks and controls can mitigate your company’s risk of falling afoul of local anti-bribery legislation
  • How can multinationals tackle and overcome the challenge of implementing a global compliance program tailored to the realities on the ground (incl. political system, economic situation, cultural norms)
  • How to choose between and what are the tradeoffs when selecting the resources to best ensure effective oversight of local operations (in-house, local partners, third party service providers, etc.)
  • How on-the-ground compliance champions can contribute to the localization of the program and save both financial and personnel resources
  • How having compliance champions can help create a culture of compliance throughout the enterprise
  • How to sever business ties and conclude contractual relationships with local partners: What is a “clean” break
  • The do’s and don’ts of local content requirements (incl. local skills gap and domestic incapacity): How to get it right
  • How to interpret the perceived shift from global to local providers in the region: Exodus of certain multinationals due to low oil price and ensuing multiplication of multinationals’ local African and Middle Eastern business partners/counterparties