Real-Life Mitigation Responses to Resolve Third Party Due Diligence and Audit Rights Challenges

January 23, 2018 9:45am

What is it about?

This highly practical panel format will allow the speakers to present three KYC related scenarios and analyze their respective risks and biggest pitfalls. Throughout the session, panelists will prompt the audience to participate via interactive voting on what action they would take in the face of a particular challenge:


  • SCENARIO 1: How to handle a third party whose incorporation details as presented to you by them cannot be verified or show up different when you run your own background check
  • SCENARIO 2: How to deal with a third party that has been convicted of a transgression (or ”crime”) in a non-US jurisdiction but where said issue does not constitute a legal violation in the US (e.g. a non-US conviction for protesting that resulted in incarceration)
  • SCENARIO 3: How to deal with a third party that refuses to participate in an audit.