Workshop B — The New Requirements and Expectations for ESG Programs: ”Closed Door” Discussions on the Legal, Compliance and Business Implications, the FCPA Interplay and Best Practices

Jan 23, 2024 1:30pm – 05:00 PM

An increase in SEC, investor, shareholder and more stakeholders’ focus on ESG has further emphasized the link between FCPA compliance and ESG programs. This in-depth benchmarking session will provide real-world takeaways on how to manage new, emerging challenges confronting industry.

In addition to extended Q&A, concrete examples and smaller-group discussion, benefit from “behind the scenes” insights on the success stories and compliance missteps that can hinder program effectiveness.

Topics will include:

  • Addressing the “E” in ESG: Concrete examples of policies and protocols
  • Leveraging data to assess potential violations, climate risks and compliance issues
  • How to improve your current third party questionnaires to capture ESG concerns
  • Ensuring a cohesive workflow that can capture and assess FCPA, anti-corruption and ESG risks
  • Identifying potential human rights risks associated with business operations and conducting human rights impact assessments
  • Assessing self-reported information provided by third parties, and supporting it with independent checks
  • Measuring the overall level of ESG risk posed by a third party
  • Leveraging anti-corruption compliance resources for ESG purposes
  • Determining your organization’s ESG risk tolerance
  • Key considerations for developing a best-in-class ESG program
  • How a company’s reporting on ESG activities can affect the accuracy of its books and records