Leveraging Emerging Technology in Life Sciences Operations

Detecting FCPA Data Triggers and Other Data-Driven Fraud Anomalies with Data Automation, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

May 9, 2024 2:15pm

Gina Salcedo Lannin
Manager, Insights and Analytics

Corey Dunbar
Partner, Data Forensics Practice Leader

Incorporating data analytics into your compliance program has instantly changed from a “nice to have” to a “must have” element of your program. This session on data monitoring, data analytics and AI for life sciences will provide you with practical knowledge about outsourcing or implementing your own data analytics platform. Ensure the right questions are being asked of your data to gather the right information to get to the right answers.

  • Effective ways to automate, including when your company has multiple, different systems
  • Ensuring that data feeds and monitoring tools are working in real time
  • Developing processes for determining if an internal investigation is necessary and any additional action
  • Identifying which transactions to monitor and how to monitor them, including gifts and donations
  • Deciding which pre-approval systems need to be set up before rolling out a monitoring program
  • Understand how data analytics interactions affect your risk profile
  • Measuring data analytics effectiveness on spotting FCPA data triggers
  • Build it or buy it?
  • See real-world examples of the impact of data analytics/AI/Machine learning on life sciences compliance