Third Party Management: Monitoring Distributors, Sub-Distributors, Sub-Dealers and Sales Agents

May 10, 2024 9:45am

Michael Pacella
Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Dentsply Sirona

Drew Northern
Vice President, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Cook Group Inc. and Cook Medical

Matt Couillard
Vice President, Product Development

Jonathan Stevens
Paul Hastings, LLP

The tools required for effective third-party management for life sciences companies continue to change. Added to this is the reality that certain jurisdictions present unique, heightened risks and obstacles to tailoring your program to each specific context. This session will allow candid discussion and life-science-specific benchmarking around third-party risks and evolving compliance and geopolitical realities.

  • Updating best practices for a risk-based program tailored to a specific country/region
  • Strengthening contractual agreements with distributors and sub-distributors
  • When and how much to train distributors and sub-distributors
  • Strengthening your due diligence with tier one and tier two distributors and resellers and contractual risk flagging process and procedures
  • How to vet distributor past-history around prior accusations, improper affiliations, and the strength of their own compliance programs
  • On the ground obstacles to monitoring third party conduct, including distribution and sub-distribution networks
  • Knowing how far down the supply chain to go: When to stop
  • Concrete examples of addressing resistance to follow-up questions after an initial questionnaire