What’s Missing in Your Third-Party Due Diligence, Screening and Monitoring?: Hidden Lessons for Mitigating Cross-Border Supply Chain and Business Partner Risks

June 14, 2023 2:30pm

Aaron Dutra
Sr. Director, Legal Compliance

Jeremiah Luongo
Senior Counsel

Claire Rajan
Allen & Overy

Laura Vittet-Adamson
Senior Compliance Counsel

  • How to incorporate effective front-end vetting and screening protocols in third party relationships, and pre-acquisition assessments
  • Developing a robust due diligence model that stratifies your risk
  • Identifying what you need in a questionnaire for third parties
  • Addressing resistance to follow-up questions after an initial questionnaire
  • Best-practices for moving forward if a third-party is a “state-owned” entity or instrumentality