Today’s rapidly-changing global business landscape, where everyone needs to stay ahead of disruptive technologies, has upped the ante for multinationals when it comes to financial crime.

Threats are multiplying as savvy criminals develop yet more sophisticated ways to cheat the system. At the same time, global enforcement trends are revealing heightened regulatory scrutiny of companies’ compliance programs.

What this means for you and your company, and how to mitigate the greatest emerging risks facing your business, is the subject of this interactive and practical forum that gathers the financial industry’s foremost leaders: ACI’s 3rd Financial Crime Executive Exchange.


Dynamic Polling

Vote anonymously on emerging issues and compare your organization to your peers. Participants will receive a summary of the poll results after the conference concludes.

Audience Exchange Sessions

Attendees will have the opportunity to text potential questions, topics and views for discussion during the session.

Emerging Topic Networking (ETN)

During lunch, participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific emerging topics. Tables will be reserved and advance signup is offered.