Adhering to the Latest Cybersecurity Regulations Both Here and Abroad: Developing Best Practices for Preventing and Mitigating Breach

April 30, 2018 1:30pm

What is it about?

There is no question that exciting things are happening today at the intersection of digital technology and financial services, however the one major challenge that threatens to impede momentum is cybersecurity. Given the dynamic and highly complex nature of the digital financial ecosystem, it is inevitable that some solutions will have cybersecurity vulnerabilities that will be exploited Tune in as this panel discusses:

  • The latest and most significant cybersecurity regulations both here and abroad
    • The new cybersecurity regulations passed by the NY DFS
    • The far reaching privacy and cybersecurity impacts of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective May 2018
    • How will this affect your company’s cybersecurity strategy?
  • Best practices for preventing and mitigating breaches
    • Establishing an effective system of protocols for incident detection, penetration testing and response processes
    • Establishing protections against the risks posed by shared infrastructure, and vetting of third-party service providers and administrators
  • Lessons learned from recent major data security breaches, including the Equifax breach
  • New and emerging risks in the payments and lending spaces
  • Special considerations arising from transactions conducted on mobile devices
  • How to achieve a “safe harbor” in data and cyber security