Developing, Implementing, and Maintaining Competitive and Effective AML, Sanctions, and Fraud Deterrence Programs

May 1, 2018 1:35pm

What is it about?

Due to ongoing supervisory and enforcement actions, and increased monetary penalties, FinTechs and payment systems are facing increased pressured to address AML risks head on. They must understand the unique risks they face, establish programs commensurate with these inherent risks, and adapt their businesses to meet these internal adjustments. This panel will provide insights on:

  • Assessing current opportunities for FinTech companies to develop robust AML and fraud prevention programs
  • Understanding how to work with law enforcement to mitigate the risks of money laundering and fraud activities
  • Identifying and assessing the money laundering and fraud risks that may arise in conjunction with the development of new payment products, delivery mechanisms, and technologies
  • Taking a look at the most recent enforcement actions, and addressing how AML regulations are impacting new payment products and systems
  • Evaluating your current AML program and identifying gaps or weaknesses
  • Implementing automated AML and fraud tools
  • Incorporating data analytics into your AML compliance initiatives