Ensuring Federal Regulatory Compliance During the FinTech Revolution

April 30, 2018 10:00am

What is it about?

  • Assessing how federal regulators are viewing the rapidly evolving FinTech and payments landscapes
  • Examining the OCC FinTech Charter and recent applications for Industrial Loan Charters with the FDIC
  • Identifying what products, services and innovations are of the most concern to the federal regulatory and enforcement agencies and why
  • Analyzing the latest areas of regulatory scrutiny surrounding money transmission, virtual/cryptocurrencies, mobile wallets and payments, etc.
  • To what extent are federal regulators concerned about stifling innovation, and what steps are they taking to lessen the potential for regulation to negatively impact innovation?
  • Understanding best practices for complying with new and emerging mandates from the key federal agencies overseeing FinTech and payment systems
  • What regulatory agencies have launched initiatives designed to facilitate positive interactions between regulators and FinTech startups and innovators?
    • What do these initiatives look like, and how are they advancing thus far?