Prepaid Card Compliance Update: Ensuring Compliance with the CFPB Final Prepaid Accounts Rule, and Other Key Federal and State Compliance Initiatives

April 30, 2018 2:30pm

Brian Axell
Vice President, Payments Counsel
The Bancorp (Minneapolis, MN)

Brad Fauss
General Counsel and VP, Compliance & Governmental Affairs
Wirecard North America (Atlanta, GA)

Michael F. Day
Principal Legal Counsel, Regulatory Affairs
Blackhawk Network, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)

  • Assessing how the prepaid card industry is preparing for compliance with the CFPB’s Final Prepaid Account Rule
  • Identifying the real industry challenges and pain points from a compliance and business standpoint?
    • How are companies addressing them?
  • Examining the changes in required disclosures
  • Understanding how the New Rule may change the products being offered on the market
  • Addressing the impact of the CFPB Rule’s reach beyond what is traditionally been thought of as prepaid accounts
  • Understanding what the implications are for providers who (i) currently offer overdraft, (ii) currently offer credit, (iii) are thinking about offering credit
  • Analyzing other recent federal and state regulatory and enforcement initiatives in the prepaid space
  • Exploring the interplay amongst prepaid cards, emerging payment systems, and FinTech
    • New opportunities
    • Overcoming complicated regulatory and compliance challenges