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Gain practical takeaways for managing heightened national security threats for companies under Foreign Operation, Control or Influence.

Engage in Critically Important Discussions Including:

  • Special Remarks: The State of DCSA – Expectations and Priorities: Key Updates on the Agency’s Organizational Structure, Filing Timelines and Quality Management Plan
  • The Heightened DCSA Focus on the “I” in FOCI: New Reporting and More Expectations that are on the Rise
  • Mitigating Risks Posed by Foreign and Dual Citizenship of Employees and Others: What Has (and Hasn’t) Yielded DCSA Approval and The Newest Best Practices for Moving Forward
  • Affiliated Operation Plans (AOPs) in Real Life: The Latest on When and How to Secure Approvals and What Can Trigger DCSA Denials
  • Mitigation Agreements and Minority Investors: When DCSA Requires More Mitigation and Overcoming Implementation Hurdles

We can’t wait to see you at the 6th National Forum on FOCI this September!

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