Strategy Panel – How to Structure Your Marketing Campaigns using “Natural,” “Gluten-Free,” “Organic” “Non-GMO”: Preventing the Mistakes that Can Lead to Costly Litigation

July 29, 2014 11:45am

What is it about?

“Natural,” “Organic,” “Sustainable,” “Fresh,” “Gluten-Free,” and “Grass-Fed” are claims that are causing companies to come under attack in various regulatory and judicial forums. Come prepared to ask questions on how to optimize your marketing efforts without exposing your company to litigation.

  • “All Natural” Definition – Guidance on how to structure your
  • Understanding the development of industry consensus
    standards and the role of self-regulation
  • Learnings from relevant case law
    • Trader Joe’s, Kashi, Frito-Lay, Ben & Jerry’s
  • Understanding the latest from the Washington regulatory
  • Recent FDA warning letters
  • Complying with the Organic Food Production Act