Update on California’s “Food Court” – A Practical Review of the High Profile Consumer Fraud Class Actions Cases in the Northern District of California: Areas of Focus by Plaintiffs’ Bar

July 30, 2014 11:30am

What is it about?

In the Northern District of California, there were over 85 false
advertising class action complaints filed between April 2012
and April 2013, of which 80% involved claims against food or
beverage companies. Expert California attorneys will take you
through some of the most important cases, and highlight the
practical learnings you should take back to the office.

  • Relevant California Statutes –
    • Unfair Competition Law (“UCL §17200)
    • Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Ca. Civ. Code § 1750
  • Ivie v. Kraft Foods Global, Inc. – misleading claims
    • “no artificial sweeteners or flavors,” “reduced fat,”
    • “contains evaporated cane juice,” “100% natural”
  • Gustavson v. Wrigley Sales Co. – “sugar free” claims
  • Bruton v. Gerber Products Co. – sugar and class certification
  • Gitson v. Clover Stornetta Farms – “natural” on yogurt labels
  • Wilson v. Frito-Lay NA. – “natural source of antioxidants”
  • Banafsheha v. H. J. Heinz Company (C.D.Cal.) – GMO corn
    In ‘all natural’ vinegar