Connect the dots of food regulatory law and gain a clear understanding of how the FDA, USDA and FTC work together to regulate the food industry.

Food and Food Ingredient Classification…GRAS…food labeling requirements as opposed to the actual food label… marketing and promotion… food safety regulations…FSMA… cGMPs… imports… inspections…recalls… all are critical aspects of the food commercialization process and they all in some way are governed by an agency troika consisting of FDA, USDA and FTC. The passage of new laws and the implementation of new regulations concerning food as well as high profile laws suits and related controversies have made it abundantly clear that it is essential for attorneys who do not have regulatory practices — but who deal with food products — to have an intimate familiarity with these topics and agency protocols. The changing business dynamics of the food industry have also made it critical for business executives, policy analysts and securities experts who work with food to have a greater working knowledge of key regulatory concepts as well as the applicable governing agencies.

* Law Suits * Business Development and Investment Strategies * Compliance Protocols * Policy Matters * Advertising *

Litigation as well as numerous other legal, business and policy considerations often hinge on what happened somewhere in the regulatory process.

Many products liability lawyers, business and investment experts and corporate executives — despite their tenure in working with food products are not well versed in the essentials of food law and regulation and applicable agencies. Whether you are a products liability/mass tort attorney, business analyst, corporate executive, or someone new to the food industry, ACI’s Food Law and Regulation Boot Camp will provide you with the information that you need.

Boost Your Food Law and Regulatory IQ. Learn the regulatory essentials as well as the “ins and outs” of key administrative bodies.

We have developed this program to specifically to provide a forum for in-house counsel and executives as well as private practice lawyers working for the food industry to obtain the essential regulatory knowledge which is critical to their practice. Our distinguished faculty is comprised of the “who’s who” of the food regulatory bar. They will provide instruction and insights on the laws and regulations governing:

  • Food ingredients and additives
  • GRAS
  • Labeling regulations
  • Product labels including the new Nutrition Facts Label
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Food safety essentials and FSMA
  • cGMPs
  • Food imports
  • Inspections
  • Recalls

Register for the pre and/or post-conference workshops to get the necessary background and in-depth information you need to maximize your learning and networking experience at this event.

Workshop A: Food Law and Regulation Fundamentals: An Essential Primer on Applicable Laws and Governing Agencies having Authority over Food will address topics to set the stage for the main conference by helping you to thoroughly understand the key laws and regulations as well as applicable agencies for the food industry.

Workshop B: Food Legal and Regulatory Essentials 2.0: The Natural, Unnatural, Genetically Modified and Gluten-Free will provide a through overview of controversial topics affecting the food industry from the new state and now Federal GMO labeling laws, the meaning of natural and the requirements for gluten free products.

Attend this conference and learn to navigate your way through the regulatory maze that plays such a crucial part in your cases, practice areas and business.

Register now by calling 888-224-2480, faxing your registration to 877-927-1563 or registering online.

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