Navigating Key Regulatory Agencies for the Food Industry: Comprehending the Jurisdiction, Function, Organization and Interplay of the FDA, USDA, FTC and Local Health Agencies

November 13, 2017 1:30pm

What is it about?

  • Understanding how the responsibilities and jurisdiction of FDA, USDA, FTC and local health agencies intersect and overlap
  •  Deciphering the organizational structure of each agency
    • DHHS: FDA – CFSAN (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition); (ODSP) Office of Dietary Supplement Programs; CDC (Center for Disease Control)
    • USDA – FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service), AMS (Agriculture Marketing Service), APHIA (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service)
    • FTC – Bureau of Consumer Protection
    • State and local health agencies
  • Defining the scope of each agency’s jurisdiction and authority
    • Labeling
    • Marketing, promotion and advertising
    • Product recalls
  • Examining how each agency exercises its jurisdiction and regulatory authority
    • Rule making
    • Product decisions
    • Enforcement
  • Addressing preemption challenges between state and local authorities
    • Understanding when federal laws preempt state regulation
    • Examining how state authorities exercise their authority despite preemption