Cameron B. Smith

Senior Director, Counsel

CAMERON SMITH is a senior legal advisor for Herbalife on product claims, labeling and content, and intellectual property. Smith advises internal clients about intellectual property constraints during the development of new products, and he reviews product claims against applicable FDA and FTC regulations and policy, promoting good practices for responsible marketing and advertising worldwide. He guided Herbalife in filing its first-ever patent applications and supports the Herbalife Research and Development group identify new inventions. And he helps marketing and sales groups avoid IP risks while developing and strengthening Herbalife brands. He has also helped Herbalife create and implement corporate policies in these areas. He has also served Herbalife by managing its legal team in in South America, building and maintaining relationships with regulators and legislators, and acting as counsel for its charitable organ, the Herbalife Family Foundation. Before joining Herbalife in 2000, Smith was engaged in the private practice of law and in market research and public policy work. He is admitted to the bar in California, Louisiana and Mississippi.