FDA and USDA Rule Roundup

April 1, 2020 3:30pm

Nutrition Facts Label 2020 Implementation Analysis

  • What will FDA’s enforcement of the new nutrition facts label look like given that food companies can use old labels until December 31st of 2019?
  • Is it anticipated that the enforcement will start later than 2020?
  • Understanding clean labeling
  • What claims are currently high-risk claims and what can be done from a labeling perspective to reduce them?

Examining the Status of the Implementation of Bioengineered Foods Disclosure Requirement

  • Examining the developments with the implementation of the bioengineered food disclosure requirement
    • Have food companies experienced any practical obstacles to the implementation
  • Addressing the issues involving testing by the FDA, consumers, and competitors
  • Developments with respect to FDA enforcement
  • Analyzing the developments with the gene-edited foods and the industry’s push for gene-edited foods to not get the same reception as the GMO foods

FSMA State of the Union

  • Examining the FDA’s latest FSMA enforcement through inspections
    • Is FSMA changing the way FDA inspects plants?
    • Do food companies see this as a continuing challenge or not really?
  • Analyzing the impact of the new executive order limiting FDA’s guidance applicability
  • Examining the impact of FSMA’s regulation prohibiting food processors and suppliers to contract away and shift food safety responsibility onto the other party
  • Exploring the role of AI and its potential impact on food safety enforcement