Track 1 ISO 37001-YES OR NO? Industry Perspectives on If, When and How to Implement the Standard

November 29, 2017 2:30pm

Jay T. Jorgensen
Global Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer
Walmart Stores, Inc.

Michael Julian
Chief Compliance Officer
Alstom (France)

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has issued the ISO 37001Anti-Bribery Management System standard to redefine a framework for corporate compliance. During this highly anticipated session, CCOs from companies seeking ISO 37001 certification will discuss their decisions to become certified and the process for meeting the requirements.

  • Deciding whether or not to become ISO 37001 certified: Key considerations
  • If and when organizations will require their supply chain members to become certified
  • Key elements that must be met in order to be certified
  • Ongoing system reviews for monitoring compliance
  • Fulfilling the bribery risk assessment requirement
  • Assessing the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Requirements for leadership: Roles and responsibilities of upper management for this management system
  • Ensuring adequate resource allocation
  • Third party registrar reviews: What that looks like in reality
  • Can ISO 37001 be a useful tool in reducing the risk of bribery?