Track 3 – LATIN AMERICA ROUNDTABLE: Strategic Insights for Re-Evaluating Collateral Risks across Latin America Post-Lava Jato – Operation Car Wash

November 29, 2017 2:30pm

Mara Davis
SVP & Associate General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer
Univision Communications Inc.

Olga Pontes
Chief Compliance Officer
Odebrecht S.A. (Brazil)

Carlos Ayres
Maeda, Ayres & Sarubbi Advogados (Brazil)

Salim Jorge Saud Neto
Saud Advogados (Brazil)

  • The true impact of Lava Jato inside and outside of Brazil
  • How “Operation Car Wash” is affecting the evolution of risk assessment and industry compliance programs across Latin America
  • How companies are adapting to the new on-the-ground realities of implementing an effective anti-corruption compliance program
  • What to do if your company is directly or indirectly implicated by “Operation Car Wash” (or entangled in another government bribery investigation)
  • How to leverage recent lessons and settlements to better evaluate and mitigate risk moving forward