Track 3 – WORLD BANK AND MDB ENFORCEMENT: A Close Look at New and Unexpected Challenges During Investigations

November 29, 2017 5:15pm

Giuliana Dunham Irving
Executive Secretary, Sanctions Board
World Bank Group

Juan Ronderos
Sanctions Officer
Inter-American Development Bank Group

Katherine Choo
Chief Investigative & Anti-Corruption Counsel
General Electric Company

Glenn Ware
Principal and Anti-Corruption & Program Integrity Leader

Timothy L. Dickinson
Paul Hastings LLP

  • The realities and challenges of being under investigation by the World Bank
  • Contrasting World Bank and IADB guidelines vs. the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines
  • The differences between World Bank, IADB vs. DOJ and SEC approaches to investigations
  • What it is like to navigate the debarment and appeals processes
  • The conditional release process of The World Bank, and other mitigating factors that are considered
  • Negotiating with the World Bank and IADB vs. the DOJ and SEC
  • The scope of sanctions and debarments that can be imposed
  • Types of rehabilitation conditions that must be met after being debarred