Widely regarded as the one, go-to annual conference for the anti-corruption community. Government has viewed this forum as an important platform for making announcements, and giving critical updates on compliance and enforcement.

This acclaimed event marks one of the few worthwhile opportunities to interface with government officials, corporate executives and leading outside counsel. Each year, members from the anti-corruption community come from across the globe to meet and tap into an unparalleled pool of expertise. Amid new, emerging enforcement risks in the U.S. and abroad, attendees view this program as their most meaningful opportunity to get up-to-speed and meet key stakeholders.

We hope that you will join us for what will surely be a productive and important meeting once again.

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The specific event here in Washington D.C. on FCPA is THE event to attend. It draws a lot of people from not only the industry but from government and to be able to hear from them, to be able to exchange ideas, and at such a large-scale, it’s great

– Samuel Nam, Senior Foreign Attorney, Kim & Chang (South Korea)

This is a must-attend event. It’s really important, the right people are here, we’re in DC where the DOJ is, people coming from SEC. You have to attend a conference like this to understand the context of the work we’re doing at our corporations

– Jose Ayala, Program Director, Medtronic

It’s a very useful way to obtain a global perspective. There’s a strong US focus as you would expect, but many attendees come from different countries and have different roles. It’s been enormously helpful to be able to meet and discuss issues of common importance

– Elizabeth Barrett, Partner, Slaughter & May LLP (UK)

It’s a great event full of excellent and practical content. It offers a good balance of regulatory perspectives and practitioner experience

– Janette Filbert, VP, Prudential



Select panels will utilize anonymous polling to collect audience feedback and benchmark on compliance, investigative and disclosure best practices. Polling is designed to give audience members a unique look into how industry is dealing with challenges related to anti-corruption compliance and enforcement. With individual keypads, participants will respond to panel questions confidentially, allowing for candid insights on sensitive, controversial issues.  


Networking opportunities

Meet and re-connect with in-house professionals and private practitioners from the U.S. and across the globe:


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