Crypto Asset Fraud Part II

Overcoming Challenges to Crypto Asset Tracing: The Latest and Greatest in Tracking Financial Transactions and Obtaining Freezing Orders

October 28, 2022 10:15am

Sophie Eyre
Bird & Bird (UK)

Marc Jones
Stewarts Law LLP (UK)

Hakob Stepanyan
Manager, Forensics

Dan Wyatt
Reynolds, Porter Chamberlain LLP (UK)

Alex Englander
Holland & Knight LLP (USA)

A lot has been said about the basics of crypto disputes, and particularly the standard suite of relief for fraud victims of freezing and disclosure orders. But much less has been said about the underlying substantive crypto claims relating to fraud, where there arguably remain more questions than answers. Join this session to take a deeper dive into crypto disputes and consider issues such as:

  • The types of substantive claims relating to crypto fraud, the potential pitfalls and strategic considerations
  • What to look out for when following a chain of transactions via the blockchain, and how crypto fraudsters commonly seek to off-board fraudulently obtained crypto or fiat
  • The potential liability of crypto developers and a court’s ability to order amendments to the code. When frauds occur it is not only the fraudsters who face potential liability
  • The known unknowns in crypto disputes that will impact fraud claims: good faith, money vs commodity, DAOs, flash loan exploits and more