Interactive Polling Session

Practitioners’ Think Tank on Complex, High Dollar Litigation Cases: The Top Five Biggest Missteps to Avoid When Assembling Cross-Functional Teams, Conducting Cross-Border Investigations, and Enforcing Judgments

October 27, 2022 5:00pm

David Mizrachi
Senior Partner
MDU Legal (Panama)

Edward H. Davis, Jr.
Founding Shareholder
Sequor Law (USA)

Héctor Sbert
ECIJA, Barcelona (Spain)

Lyndsay Sykes
PPO Abogados (Bolivia)

When an international fraud involves a number of jurisdictions, the individual or entity intending to bring a civil fraud claim to recoup their losses often faces multiple issues that impact the ability to recover. It is a very complex landscape within which fraud practitioners must navigate, and requires focus and consideration of conflicting regimes, class priorities, foreign substantive law, and an array of other foreign insolvency and fraud-related proceedings. In this interactive session, our experts will address some of the most pressing, hard hitting questions confronting fraud and asset recovery practitioners, such as:

  • How to gather evidence, utilize corporate intelligence and explore freezing injunctions in cross-jurisdictional and increasingly complex scenarios
  • Forum and Venue: Challenges in selecting and changing the “battlefield” to speed up the cases, gain momentum and improve chances of asset recovery
  • How to obtain and serve freezing orders against unknown individuals and organizations
  • Overcoming a lack of cooperation between attorneys and enforcement authorities in the affected jurisdictions
  • How to conquer evidential challenges that parties face in complex civil fraud claims: handling the different approaches taken to disclosure & discovery in Civil and Common Law jurisdictions