Tracking Down High-Level Government and High-Profile Fraudsters: Special Considerations for Tracing, Enforcement, and Resolution of Multi-Jurisdictional Fraud Matters

October 27, 2022 10:30am

Benjamin Borsodi
Schellenberg Wittmer (Switzerland)

Kate McMahon
Edmonds, Marshall, McMahon Ltd. (UK)

Rachel Cropper-Mawer
Clyde & Co. LLP (UK)

Oren Warshavsky
Baker & Hostetler LLP (USA)

Amit Hadad
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Hadad Roth, Shenhar & Co. (Israel)

In this engaging session, we will hear from investigators and practitioners that have been involved in some of the most impactful and high-profile criminal and civil matters. We will trace the steps that were needed to get the matter investigated and prosecuted, and assets recovered—and will review:

  • What has triggered suspicion and investigations – both criminal and civil
  • The initiation of the investigation and severity of the potential charges against a public official
  • The early stages of interagency and multi-jurisdictional cooperation, and what is ultimately needed to bring a case to fruition
  • The ramifications to the public as a result of a potential leadership shakeup, and instilling confidence in future government representation
  • How to avoid a deteriorating state of governance, along with preventing the potential for serious organized crime moving in during the crisis and likely transition
  • The role of outside counsel in subsequent litigation