Thursday, January 1  •   –  PST

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Dave Aitel
Chief Security Technical Officer

Roszel C. Thomsen II
Thomsen and Burke LLP

Anita Zinzuvadia
Senior Engineer, Information Technology Controls Division
Bureau of Industry and Security

Join us for a complimentary webinar hosted by ACI’s 10th Advanced Forum on Global Encryption, Cloud & Cyber Export Controls. Over the course of an hour, we will discuss:

  • Export Control Reform Act’s Emerging and Foundational Technology Controls
  • New Wassenaar Arrangement Controls on Digital Forensics and Communications Monitoring
  • New U.S. Unilateral Controls on Geospatial Artificial Intelligence Software

Reproducing the webinar either audio or video is not permitted without prior express written consent of American Conference Institute. Speaker permission must be obtained for use of presentation content in news coverage/articles.