A Complete Roadmap to Applying EAR and ITAR Encryption, Cyber and Cloud Controls in Real-Life: Case Studies on How to Solve the Most Pressing Classification and Program Implementation Challenges

Mar 16, 2021 3:00pm – 6:30pm

Steve Bird
Manager, Trade Compliance Product Classification, Global Trade Compliance
Veritas Technologies LLC

Melissa Duffy
Dechert LLP

Building on the previous workshop, learn and problem-solve alongside industry experts via case studies and hypothetical exercises. Navigate the grey areas of U.S. encryption, cloud and cyber controls in practice, including importing and exporting certain encrypted items and technologies from product development to end-use. The discussion will cover mass market software programs, networking devices, web-based services and telecom items.

In addition to helpful reference materials prepared by the expert speakers, take this opportunity to hear “war stories” from seasoned professionals and learn how to put a myriad of complex requirements into practice. Topics of discussion will include:


  • Case studies on mass market software programs
  • Networking devices, web-based services and telecom items
  • Working with partners in different countries and incorporating global laws into your product development
  • When and how to file paperwork for software and hardware encryption items
  • What to do if you are travelling from country to country with encrypted items such as a laptop or mobile phone
  • How to take software or hardware internationally: What does the application look like?
  • Who are the end-users or “crypto consumers”
  • Sharing of tech and source code—when do you need a license?
  • How to manage chips with encryption issues when re-exporting to third parties
  • How U.S. export laws come into play during re-exporting