Tuesday, September 28  •  1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

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Jeff Higgins
Founder & CEO
Human Capital Management Institute

The SEC’s increased focus on human capital disclosures has grown in importance and become a significant organizational priority for investors, board members, and other key stakeholders. With so much at stake in human capital reporting, it’s critical to deliver evidence-based, market-informed and transparent data to satisfy reporting requirements and showcase long-term value to shareholders.

The investment community and the SEC are actively seeking more transparency from organizations in a variety of different reporting categories, so having the right capabilities and identifying the right measures to report on are essential.

Join us as we discuss ways to avoid some of the most common pitfalls, and review some of the newest, best practices for developing your human capital analytics and reporting framework, including:

  • Establishing a flexible human capital analytics structure that will evolve over time, and remain compliant and material
  • Selecting and defining realistic metrics and frameworks to unify data acquisition and analysis, and drive meaningful outcomes
  • The latest on defining “materiality” for SEC reporting purposes
  • Adopting a rules-based and principles-based approach to human capital disclosures
  • D, E & I: Showcasing talent and diversity initiatives to demonstrate value, ROI and a competitive edge

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